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Simple Rangoli Designs 2019

Diwali is a festival of celebration and decoration. We clean and decorate our homes, offices and streets before diwali. We use lights to decorate the house while to decorate the floors we make rangolis. Without rangoli the decoration of diwali is missing something that is for sure. Rangoli is an art on the floor and to help you we have collected simple rangoli designs for you to decorate the house and to make the diwali special for you. 

We have already shared diwali images with rangoli post which has more than 15 rangoli designs for you. But we have some special request for the simple rangoli desings for diwali 2019. Rangoli is an art and not every one is good in art that is true. So to help you to make your house diwali decoration special we have created this post of simple rangoli images

Rangoli word is taken from the Sanskrit word called Rangavalli. That means the decoration of colors on the floors to decorate the house and also to have the spiritual waves in the house according to Indian Culture.

To continue the legacy, we have collected  these rangoli designs for you which are simple and beautiful. Some of these rangoli designs are with dots while some are without dots. We have also gathered simple flower designed rangoli so that even beginner can make the rangoli and decorate the house. You can download this rangoli images free and share it.

Simple Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Simple Rangoli Designs with Dots

Simple Rangoli Designs for Competition

Simple Rangoli Designs With Flowers

Simple Rangoli Designs for Beginners

Simple Rangoli Border Designs

Simple Rangoli Designs without Dots

Final words on Simple Rangoli Designs

So here was the collection of simple rangoli designs for you. We hope that you have found your desired design for the decoration on the house. Do not forget to like and share this post. 
Also you can find more beautiful rangoli designs images free download. Check it now.

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