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Indian National Flag Images, Photos, Pictures, Wallpapers HD Free Download: Wishing you a happy republic day and welcoming you to the beautiful article avout Indian Flag Images. Flag is the representation of any country and it is very useful in counry identification too. We are celebrating 26 January, the republic day of India and on this auspicious day, we have collected some indian national flag images for you. You can use these indian flag photos as wallpaper of your computer and pc. You can also make these flag images as a whatsapp dp and use it as status too. These indian flag pictures we have collected here are free to use and you are allowed to use them. Before we move towards the indian flag images free download section, have a look at some of the useful details about National flag of India. 

Indian National Flag Images photos pictures wallpapers

Indian National Flag 

The flag of India is in horizontal rectangular shape containing 3 colors in it. At very first that is saffron color, in middle there is white and green at the end. In the middle of the flag, in the white color section, there is a rounded symbol called Ashoka Chakra. Ashoka Chakra is  a spoke wheel and must be in navy blue in the center of the flag. Indian flag is also known as Tiranga, means Tricolor. Indian flag was adopted on 22 July, 1947 and later it became official flag of Republic India.

Indian National Flag Images

indian national flag images

indian national flag images

indian national flag images

indian national flag images

Indian Flag Images HD

There is a rule of making Indian flag that it must be prepared from Khadi. Khadi is a special type of hand spun cloth that is made famous by Mahatma Gandhi. The flag must be prepared according to flag code of India and it is compulsory to follow the guidelines. Here are some indian flag images in hd given below. These indian flag pictures can be used as a desktop or pc background as these are very high definition pics. This will also help you to express your patriotism towards your country. 


indian flag images hd

indian flag images hd

indian flag images hd

indian flag images hd

Indian Flag Photos

Indian flag consist of 3 colors. At very top it is a saffron color. Saffron also known as Bhagwa color. Saffron color indiacates strength and courage of the country. Saffron color tends to aggresive and indicates that every person should aggressive and strong to make the nation strong.

The white color indicates peace and truth. White flag also contains Chakra which is taken from the Sarnath Lion Capital which was made by Ashoka. That's why it is known as Ashok Chakra. Ashok Chakra is considered as a 'Wheel of law'. Ashok Chakra remind us that there is a life in movement.

At last, flag has dark green color and it represents the fertility of the land that will help india growth. In short a pure green revolution for the country. 


Indian National Flag HD Wallpapers


 Indian Flag Photos in Different Styles


Indian Flag Images Wallpapers


 Indian Flag Images Download


Indian Flag Images Free Download


Indian National Flag Images Free Download

Indian National Flag Images Free Download


Final Words: We hope you liked these Indian National Flag Images we have collected here for republic day 2019 celebration. This will also be used for independence day celebration. Do not forget to share these pictures. Jai Hind & Bharat Mata ki jai !!

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